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Rudiment keeps almost no data about visitors to our website. Almost all of our web traffic is served by Cloudflare, who may set cookies.  We also use Google APIs as the webfont supplier, unless your browser has blocked them.


Rudiment is a research and development organisation founded in 2015 by human rights defenders specialised in the use of modern digital technologies. We experiment with ways to acquire, analyse and present information that open new possibilities for people investigating human rights violations, war crimes and abuses of power. We draw on techniques of open source intelligence and civic hacking to create the sort of resources, tools and approaches which have revolutionised government, humanitarian work and investigative journalism.


Oct 16, 2015

‘Notes from Technotopia’ exhibition features imagery from Rudiment’s ARCADE project

Our exhibit shows the ups and downs of using computer vision algorithms to help journalists and human rights investigators evidence war crimes

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